The WaterISAC offers a secure database, expert analysis, information gathering, and the rapid distribution of reports and government alerts about threats to America’s drinking water and wastewater utilities. It is the most comprehensive and readily available resource about water system vulnerabilities, incidents and solutions. It provides subscribers with Internet access to exhaustive research for improving the security of their utilities, planning for emergencies and responding to physical and environmental threats of any kind.

The WaterISAC is governed by a Board of Managers, comprised of water utility managers appointed by the national drinking water and wastewater organizations listed below. There are also two at-large seats, filled by the Board of Managers.

The WaterISAC's analysts gather information from numerous sources and assess, sanitize and disseminate it to subscribers. Analysts have government security clearances and operate under strict protocols. They look for patterns and trends, seeking associations that may link several events together. The reports they produce are specifically geared to utility executives, managers, operators and security officers.

The extremely sensitive and valuable information produced by WaterISAC is distributed to subscribers through encrypted e-mail and a secure portal, making it the one place where all sensitive security-related information is available to the water community. The portal is so secure that subscribers are fully confident about the safe handling of the confidential incident reports they submit to WaterISAC online.

For the first time ever, WaterISAC provides America’s drinking water and wastewater system mangers a forum for sharing and discussing sensitive information via secure electronic bulletin boards. It is a repository for water security data, a resource for education on water security topics, a contact point for resources beyond the world of utilities and a secure library tailored to the needs of the water sector.



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