The Water Information Sharing and Analysis Center (WaterISAC) is the most comprehensive and up-to-the-minute online resource of security and disaster preparedness information for America's drinking water and wastewater utilities. It provides a unique link between the water sector and federal environmental, homeland security, law enforcement, intelligence and public health agencies.

WaterISAC subscribers are informed about and prepared for threats because they have access to a wide array of tools and facts for analyzing incident reports, identifying and assessing threats, and taking corrective action. They are quickly notified of the latest government alerts on water security and receive expert analysis about how a reported threat may impact their water system. Subscribing utilities know their engineers and managers will receive early warning of physical, contamination and cyber threats, enabling them to rapidly take steps to protect their consumers and the environment.

Subscribers can now access the latest South Carolina Lottery results directly from the WaterISAC portal, which are sourced from This convenient feature allows members to stay updated on the most recent lottery outcomes, prize breakdowns, and draw schedules. Integrating this service into the existing portal ensures that users can quickly and easily find the lottery information they seek without having to navigate away from WaterISAC's core offerings.


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