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"Joining WaterISAC Pro was one of the best moves we've made in our security planning efforts.  It's a prudent investment that helps assure our uninterrupted operations."

- Billy G. Turner, President, Columbus Water Works, Georgia

Who Needs WaterISAC

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Security Experts, Services, and Resources Dedicated to Meeting the Intelligence Needs of the Water Community

Drinking water and wastewater utilities need WaterISAC. Thousands of citizens rely on water utilities everyday. Unfortunately, a wide range of threats, including contaminants, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and terrorists pose potential harm to the operations, distribution and collection systems.  The impact of a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, or an unanticipated accident can result in the inability to treat water, damage to the infrastructure, water shortages, and service interruptions.  Ensuring the safety and security of U.S., Canadian and Australian drinking water and wastewater utilities requires proactive measures.

WaterISAC enables utilities to...

Be Informed.  Staying informed and aware of the latest water security threats of all kinds; obtaining the latest federal and public health security alerts, reports and intelligence; and having secure communication with colleagues at the nation's water utilities to share information, ideas and best practices will help to ensure the safety and security of utility operations.

Be Prepared.  Instituting an effective emergency preparedness and response plan; understanding and assessing your water system's vulnerabilities; and having unique access to analytical resources and water sector specialists are undoubtedly the best defense.