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Small Water System

Case Study 1 – Small West Coast Drinking Water System

Meter Reader PhotoSWS is a West Coast Water System serving a small community. Like many small systems it has limited staff and other resources. Access to clear, concise, relevant information from a myriad of Federal agencies can be quite a challenge. Nevertheless the public works director felt the need for security related information to better serve customers and because of their proximity to several large cities.

The community's public works director oversees the water system operation but has many other responsibilities. When considering subscribing to WaterISAC Pro, he appreciated the fact that information on water security would be readily available from Federal law enforcement, intelligence, public health, and environment agencies. He correctly anticipated the information would not only help with his water system concerns but also be applicable to his other responsibilities in the community.

The director knew that the most effective way he could leverage his time and limited resources was to tap into the WaterISAC’s professional staff. Above and beyond gathering and distributing secure, time-sensitive information, WaterISAC Pro also provides quick expert analysis of threats to the nation's water systems.

Raw information about security threats, distributed by law enforcement and government agencies, does not routinely provide details about how a threat may impact a drinking water or wastewater system. WaterISAC analysts are experts at intelligence collection. They rapidly produce valuable assessments of how a threat may specifically impact the water community, identify trends, and suggest mitigating actions.

As a WaterISAC Pro subscriber, the director grew to appreciate around the clock notification packed with "information you need, when you need it." He knew he would be advised of any potential or anticipated threats not only to his own community but also to surrounding municipalities that might directly or indirectly impact his community.