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"The wealth of resources and the continuous updates on WaterISAC Pro make it easy to stay current with new security practices emerging in the water sector."

- John P. Sullivan, Chief Engineer, Boston Water and Sewer Commission
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WaterISAC's unique position as the central clearinghouse for threats to the water sector provides utilities with added security. It is the one common link in the flow of information about water security to and from utilities, federal homeland security, intelligence, law enforcement, public health and environmental agencies.

Figure Showing Incidents occurring in EPA Region 1
WaterISAC Pro Subscribers Receive Real-Time Intelligence on Security Incidents
  • Timely email alerts about potential and actual physical or cyber attacks against drinking water or wastewater systems
  • Information on water security from the federal law enforcement, intelligence, public health and environment agencies
  • Access to an extensive database of information on chemical, biological and radiological agents
  • Notifications about cyber vulnerabilities and technical fixes
  • Research, reports and other water security-related information
  • A highly secure means for quickly reporting incidents
  • Vulnerability assessment tools and resources
  • Guidance about emergency preparedness and response
  • The ability to participate in and review secure electronic forums on water security topics
  • Helpful summaries of open-source security information
  • Quick alert notifications – 24/7
  • Expert water sector specific analysis
  • Unrivaled information and research source

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