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Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (WARN) systems facilitate a utilities-helping-utilities approach to providing assistance during times of crisis. By establishing mutual aid agreements before a crisis occurs, WARN participants pave the way for member utilities within (and outside) of their respective states to send valuable aid in a quick and efficient manner.

WARN participants can access specialized resources to assess and assist water and wastewater systems until such time as the system can develop a permanent operating solution.

WARN FAQ (PDF) - courtesy of AWWA

Established WARNs

Alabama Kentucky Oregon
Arizona Louisiana Pennsylvania
Arkansas Massachussetts Rhode Island
Califonrina Minnesota South Carolina
Colorado Nebraska South Dakota
Connecticut Nevada Tennessee
Florida New Hampshire Texas
Idaho New York Utah
Illinois North Carolina Wyoming
Indiana Oklahoma

WARN Resources

Interstate Mutual Aid and Assistance: EMAC Tips for the Water Sector
This document for Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) provides tips the water sector can use to leverage EMAC more effectively when requesting or providing mutual aid and assistance across state lines.

Being Deployed Under EMAC? What You Need to know.
This pamphlet answers many questions for people deployed under Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC).

National WARN
National WARN tracks the status of state WARN programs and materials.

The ABCs of NIMS and WARN (PDF)
The importance of certification is the focus of this case study based on the Pennsylvania WARN presented by the USDA Rural Community Assistance Partnership.

The Emergency Response & Preparedness FlaWARN Best Management Practices document (PDF)
FlaWARN is dedicated to assisting member utilities in restoration activities in the aftermath of a major storm event. The organization coordinates emergency response activities in Florida, and if needed outside of Florida. This document includes best management practices prepared by FlaWARN members.

AWWA Action Plan for Mutual Aid Networks (PDF)
AWWA's Utilities Helping Utilities: An Action Plan for Mutual Aid and Assistance Networks for Water and Wastewater Utilities is designed to help drinking water and wastewater systems develop a mutual aid network in practical preparation for emergency response. The white paper offers a thorough systematic approach on where and how to begin, what to consider, and who should be considered as key participants.

Sample Mutual Aid and Assistance Agreement (MS Word Doc)
A Model Agreement that contains procedures and standards for a water and wastewater utility Mutual Aid and Assistance Program, excerpted from "Utilities Helping Utilities: An Action Plan For Mutual Aid and Assistance Networks for Water And Wastewater Utilities"

NRWA Rural Water Mutual Aid Agreement (PDF)
NRWA's Rural Water Mutual Aid Agreement and a State Wide Water and Wastewater Utility Emergency Support Network encourages rural water affiliates to be both the sparkplug for getting mutual aid networks off the ground and to engage other organizations in getting support for the "utilities helping utilities" concept.

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