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Current WaterISAC Pro Subscribers

Akron Water Supply Division
Alameda County Water District
Alderwood Water and Wastewater District
Alexandria Sanitation Authority
American Water Company
American Water Works Association
Ames Water and Pollution Control Department
Anchorage Water and Wastewater
Andover Water Treatment Plant
Ann Arbor
Anne Arundel County
Aqua Illinois, Inc.
Aqua Maine, Inc.
Aqua Missouri, Inc.
Aqua New Jersey, Inc.
Aqua North Carolina, Inc.
Aqua Ohio, Inc.
Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc.
Aquarion Water Company
Arkansas Department of Health
Arlington County
Arlington Water Utilities
Association of State Drinking Water Agencies
Atlanta Department of Watershed Management
Atlantic Beach
Augusta County Service Authority
Augusta Utilities Department
Avon Lake Municipal Utilities
Barbourville Utility Commission
Bean Blossom Patricksburg Water Corporation
Beaufort Jasper Water and Sewer Authority
Beaver Falls Municipal Authority
Beaver Water District
Bellevue Utilities
Benbrook Water Authority
Berkeley Township Municipal Utilities Authority
Bexar Metropolitan Water District
Birmingham Water Works and Sewer Board
Blacksburg Christiansburg Water Authority
Board of Water Supply, Honolulu
Board of Water Works of Pueblo
Bonita Springs Utilities
Borough of Park Ridge Water Department
Boston Water and Sewer Commission
Bozeman Water/Sewer Department
Brazos River Authority
Breezy Hill Water & Sewer, Inc.
Broward County Water and Wastewater
Buncombe County Sewerage District
Burbank Water and Power
Butler County Department of Environmental Services
Cedar Falls Utilities
Cedar Rapids Municipal Water
Champlain Water District
Chandler Municipal Utilities Department
Charleston Commissioners of Public Works
Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities
Charter Township of Waterford Department of Public Works
Chesapeake Department of Utilities
Chesterfield County Department of Utilities
Chicago Department of Water Management
City Utilities of Springfield
Clay County Utility Authority
Clearbrook Waterworks District
Clearwater Public Utilities
Cleveland Division of Water
Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority
Colorado Department of Public Health
Columbus Department of Public Utilities Division
Columbus Water Works
Connecticut Department of Public Health, Drinking Water Division
Connecticut Water Service, Inc.
Contra Costa Water District
Conway Corporation
Corona Department of Water & Power
Corpus Christi Water Department
Cucamonga County Water District
Cusseta-Chattahoochee County Water System
Davidson Water, Inc.
Dayton Department of Water Supply
DC Water and Sewer Authority
Denver Water
Derry Township Municipal Authority
Des Moines Water Works
Destin Water Users, Inc.
Detroit Water & Sewerage Department
Du Page Water Commission
Durham Environmental Resources Department
Eagle River Water and Sanitation District
East Bay MUD
Eden Prairie Utilities Division
El Paso Water Utilities
Erie County Water Authority
Everett Public Works
Fairfax Department of Utilities
Fairfax Water
Fairfield County Utilities
Fairfield Suisun Sewer District
Fairhope Public Utilities
Fallbrook Public Utility District
Falls Church
Fargo Water Treatment Plant
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority
Fort Collins Utilities
Fort Dodge Water Supply
Fort Lauderdale
Framingham Public Works Department Water Division
Frederick County Division of Utilities
Fredericton Water & Sewer Division
Genesee County Water and Waste Services
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Glendale Utilities Department
Golden State Water Company
Gordons Corner Water Company
Grand Rapids
Great Neck North Water Authority
Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Sewer District
Greater Cincinnati Water Works
Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage Dist
Green Bay Water Utility
Greensboro Water Resources Department
Greenville Water System
Greenwood Utilities
Greer Commission of Public Works
Griffin Public Works & Utilities
Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority
Guilford Water Authority
Halifax Regional Water Commission
Hamilton Department of Gas & Water
Hamilton Township Wastewater Utility
Hampton Roads Sanitation District
Harnett County Department of Public Utilities
Hartselle Utilities
Harvest-Monrovia Water Authority
Helix Water Department
Henrico County Public Utilities
Henry County Water and Sewerage Authority
Hernando County Utilities Department
Highland Park Water Utility
Hillsboro Water Department
Hillsborough Water Department
Hopkinsville Water Environment Authority
Houston Water Production Branch
Huntington Beach Public Works Utilities
Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Immokalee Water and Sewer District
Independence Water Department
Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Irving Water Utilities
Jackson Water Department
James City Service Authority
Janesville Water and Wastewater Utility
Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District
Kansas City Water Service Department
Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Kauai Department of Water
Kent Public Works
Kern County Water Agency
Kingston Water Department
Kissimmee - Water Resources
Knoxville Utilities Board
La Puente Valley County Water District
Lafayette Utilities System
Lake County Public Water District
Lakehaven Utility District
Lansing Board of Water and Light
Las Vegas Valley Water District
Lawrence Department of Utilities
Lebanon Department of Water and Wastewater
Lexington Water & Sewer
Lockland Water Treatment Plant
Long Beach Water Department
Los Angeles County Sanitation District
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Loudoun County Sanitation Authority
Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals
Louisville Water Company
Lower Colorado River Authority
Lynchburg Utilities Division
Macon Municipal Utilities
Madison Suburban Utility District
Madison Water Utility
Maine Drinking Water Program
Manchester Water and Sewer Department
Manchester Water Works
Manhasset-Lakeville Water District
Maryland Department of the Environment
Massachusetts Department of Correction
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
Medford Water Commission
Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division
Menasha Electric and Water Utilities
Mesa Utilities Department
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District
Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Middlesex Water Company
Milwaukee Water Works
Minneapolis Water Works
Minnesota Department of Health
Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Moberly Utility Department
Monroe County Water Authority
Montana Department Environmental Quality
Moon Township Municipal Authority
Morgantown Utility Board
Mount Pleasant Public Works
Mount Pleasant Waterworks
Mount Prospect Public Works Department
Murfreesboro Water and Sewer Department
Nashville Metropolitan Water Services
National Association of Clean Water Agencies
National Association of Water Companies
New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
New Mexico Environmental Department
New York City Department of Environmental Protection
Newport News Water Works
Newton Public Works Department
Norfolk Department of Utilities
North Attleboro Water Department
North Carolina Public Water Supply Section
North Jersey District Water Supply Commission
North Park Public Water District
North Penn Water Authority
North Table Mountain Water and Sanitation
Northampton Department of Public Works
Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
Northern Kentucky Water District
Oak Ridge
Oceanside Water Utilities Department
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
Oklahoma City Water and Wastewater Utilities
Onondaga County Water Authority
Ontario Water Utilities Department
Orange County Utilities Water Division
Oregon Department of Human Services
Orlando Utilities Commission
Oro Valley Water Utility
Owensboro Municipal Utilities
Palm Bay
Palm Beach County Water Utilities
Paradise Irrigation District
Park Water Company
Parsippany Water Utility
Passaic Valley Water Commission
Pawtucket Water Supply Board
Pemberton Township Water Department
Perkasie Borough Authority
Philadelphia Water Department
Phoenix Water Services Department
Pima County Department of Wastewater Management
Pinellas County Utilities
Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority
Plainview Water District
Platte Canyon Water and Sanitation District
Plum Creek Wastewater Authority
Pompano Beach Utilities Department
Port Austin Area Sewer and Water Authority
Port St. Lucie Utilities System
Portland Bureau of Water Works
Portland Water District
Portsmouth Water Division
Poway Water Utilities
Prestonsburg City Utility Commission
Priest River
Providence Water
Punta Gorda
Rancho Murieta Community Services District
Rathbun Regional Water Association, Inc.
Reedy Creek Energy Services
Rhode Island Department of Health
Richfield Water Treatment Plant
Richmond Department of Public Utilities
Rochester Bureau of Water and Lighting
Sacramento County Water Agency
Saginaw Water Treatment Plant
Salt Lake City and Sandy Water District
Salt Lake City Public Utilities
Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District
San Antonio Water System
San Bernardino Metropolitan Water District
San Buenaventura
San Diego County Water Authority
San Francisco Public Utilities Department
San Juan Water District
San Luis Obispo County Department of Public Utilities
Santa Clara Valley Water District
Santa Monica Water Resources Division
Scottsdale Water Resources Department
Searcy Water and Sewer System
Seattle Public Utilities
Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans
Shakopee Public Utilities Commission
Shirley Water District
Shreveport Water Purification Plant
Signal Mountain Water Company
Silverdale Water District
Snohomish County PUB No. 1
Soos Creek Water and Sewerage
South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority
South Walton Utility Company, Inc.
Southeastern Louisiana Water & Sewer
Southern Nevada Water Authority
Southington Water Department
Southwestern Pennsylvania Water Authority
Spartanburg Water and Sewer District
Spotsylvania County Utilities Department
Springfield Water and Sewer Commission
St. Cloud Public Utilities
St. Louis Water Division
St. Paul Regional Water Service
St. Petersburg
Stafford County Department of Utilities
State of California Department of Health Services
State of Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
State of Iowa Department of Natural Resources
State of Washington Department of Health
State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Suffolk Department of Public Utilities
Sullivan's Island
Sussex Shores Water Company
Sweetwater Authority
Tacoma Water
Tallahassee Water Utility
Tampa Bay Water
Tampa Water Department
Tempe Water Utilities Department
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
The Dalles
Thief River Falls
Toronto Water
Trenton Water Works
Trinity River Authority of Texas
Truckee Meadows Water Authority
Tryon Water Plant
Tualatin Valley Water District
Tulsa Metropolitan Utility Authority
United Water
United Water New Jersey
Upper Occoquan Sewage Authority
Valley Center Municipal Water District
Valparaiso Department of Water Works
Vancouver Waterworks
Virginia Beach Department of Utilities
Virginia Department of Health
Vista Irrigation District
Washington Aqueduct
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
Water Environment Federation
Watertown Fire District
Wellesley Department of Public Works
Wellsville Water Treatment Plant
West Kern Water District
West Virginia Bureau for Public Health
Western Nassau County Water Authority
Wichita Falls Public Works Department
Wichita Water and Sewer Department
Willits Utility Department
Wilmette Water Plant
Wilmington Water Distribution
Winder Water and Wastewater Department
Xenia Rural Water District
Yuba City
Yucaipa Valley Water District
Yuma Public Works Department