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After Action Quick Look Report

FEMA provides an After Action Quick Look Report (AAR) that highlights the TOPOFF 4, a national security exercise.

Issue 29 - FEMA Issues After Action Quick Look Report

Issue 28 - WaterISAC Announces Two-Tiered Service To Support Public Safety

Issue 27 - New Pandemic Flu Vaccine Priority Plans

Issue 26 - National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) Study on Insider Threat

Issue 25 - DHS Finalizes Sector Specific Plan for Water Security Utilities

Issue 24 - DHS Plans Second Cyber Storm Exercise

Issue 23 - WaterISAC and Federal HSIN-CS Collaborate to Improve Security Information Access

Issue 22 - NIAC Gets New Assignment on Insider Threats

Issue 21 - Comments on Voluntary Security Guidelines for Water and Wastewater Systems

Issue 20 - HHS Updates Pandemic Plan

Issue 19 - Water Workers Recommended for Tier 1 Priority for Avian Flu Vaccine

Issue 18 - Water Sector Pandemic/Critical Worker Survey

Issue 17 - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) New Study of Avian Flu Virus

Issue 16 - Incident Command System Training Expanded

Issue 15 - National Incident Management System (NIMS)

Issue 14 - Evaluations for Security Reporting and Verification Options

Issue 13 - EPA Seeks to Expand WaterSentinel Pilot

Issue 12 - WaterISAC Issues Flu Pandemic Guide for Water Utilities

Issue 11 - PCSF Works to Make Control Systems More Secure

Issue 10 - Texas Implements Intrastate Mutual Aid Network

Issue 9 - WaterISAC and EPA Partner to Provide Water Contaminant Information Tool

Issue 8 - NACWA Unveils Decontamination Wastewater Document

Issue 7 - Congress Takes on Security Issues

Issue 6 - Free Training Slated On Response To Intentional Water Contamination Threat

Issue 5 - WERF Reports on Security Research

Issue 4 - EPA Advisory Group Approves Water Security Recommendations

Issue 3 - Update Your Emergency Response Plan

Issue 2 - Water Utilities, WATERISAC Test Response in TOPOFF3

Issue 1 - Congress Considers Chemical Security Legislation

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